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2017 Butchering Fees
Beef (Non-emergency)--$60ea
Beef (Emergency)--$80ea
Beef (Left on Farm)--$80ea
Hogs (Non-emergency)--$42ea
Hogs (Emergency)--$45ea
Hogs (Spit/Left on Farm)--$45ea
Sheep (Non-emergency)--$33ea
Sheep (Emergency)--$45ea
Trucking Charge--$20ea
Cooling/Freezing Charge--$0.25/lb
Processing--$0.58/lb (at least 2 steaks per package)
Processing--$0.60/lb (only 1 steak per package)
Want leaner burger? add--$0.05/lb to processing charge.
Mileage Fee--$15 for over 30miles one way

Additional Charges
Slicing, Patties, Cube Steak, Stew Meat--$1.00/lb
Game Birds & Fish Smoking--$1.99/lb

Please Remember that Deposits ARE required when dropping off Deer!

Regular Orders--$80ea (includes- Steaks, Chops, Roasts, tenders, ground)
Sausage Orders--$100ea (includes all above plus a deposit on the sausage)
Caping Fee--$40ea (For taxidermy purposes)

You Keep Hide--$10ea
Boning Charge--$15ea (for already quartered deer)

Sausage Making Costs (Pork is included in the price)
Summer Sausage--$3.19/lb
Ring Bologna--$3.29/lb
Maple Rope--$3.29/lb
Smoked Polish--$2.79/lb
Smoked Country--$3.29/lb (Breakfast Sausage)
Smoked Brats--$3.29/lb
Breakfast Links--$3.39/lb
Hot Dogs--$3.59/lb
Snack Stix--$3.59/lb (Flavors-Original, Teriyaki, Pizza, Pepperoni, Maple)
Add Jalapenos to any sausage--$0.20/lb
Add Cheese to any sausage--$0.50/lb (Cheddar, Pepperjack, Mozzarella)

Venison Bacon--$3.59/lb
Raspberry/Chipotle Venison Bacon--$3.79/lb 
Dried Venison--$5.20/lb (starting weight)
Whole Muscle Jerky--$5.20/lb (starting weight)
Restructured Jerky--$5.20/lb (starting weight)
      Jerky Flavors- Original, Pepper, Cajun, Inferno, Hickory, Mesquite, Teriyaki.

Fresh Venison Italian Sausage--$1.89/lb
Fresh Venison Breakfast Sausage--$1.89/lb
Fresh Venison Brats starting at--$2.99/lb
        ~Brat Flavors~
Sheboygan(Regular), Cajun, Beer--$2.99/lb
Cheddar, Jalapeno, Pepperjack, Viking, Tuscan, Parmesan/Garlic, Butter/Garlic, Honey Mustard, Mushroom, Tomato/Basil/Parmesan, Philly Cheesesteak, Tailgater--$3.19/lb
Packer, Jalapeno Cheddar, Wildrice, Cajun Curd, Bacon Curd, Garlic Curd, Ranch Curd, Buffalo Blue Cheese--$3.29/lb
Cranberry Wildrice--$3.49/lb

      ~~Ground Venison~~
Grinding Charge--$0.95/lb
Grinding & Stuffing--$1.00/lb
Grinding, Stuffing & Freezing--$1.05/lb
Add Regular Pork Trim--$1.99/lb
Add Lean Pork Trim--$2.49/lb
Add Beef Tallow--$1.49/lb
Add Beef Trim--$3.99/lb
Add Bacon (Delicious!!)-$4.49
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